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About the Love

The Love of People is a natural hair platform created for individuals with curly hair aiming to obtain healthy hair through products, educational hair sessions, and custom consultation.  Years of unhealthy practices, hormones, medications as well as genetics at times, can cause weakening of the hair strands and long term scalp issues. The Love of People took this into consideration when designing this platform in order to offer the most effective products and information to people of color.

TLP is an environmentally conscious company that uses natural and organic butters, oils, and herbs that help strengthen the hair while aiding hair growth.

TLP products are formulated with the use of research to identify the raw ingredients that add the most benefits to the hair and scalp. We also value and utilize consumer input to finalize formulations. 

Meet the N.P.

Women of color have the highest rates of anxiety in America due to poverty, health disparities, and trauma. This has caused this population to be more prone to hair loss and scalp disorders, which is just one of the side effects related to the constant pressures that are placed on this group. The Love of People founder, Paula Bland, who has been formally trained in mental health and hair loss as a Nurse Practitioner and hair loss specialist offers a wide array of services through this platform known as the Hair Trinity. Our products have been formulated in a way to promote hydration and moisture retention while also including beneficial ingredients to help your hair grow and thrive. Our educational sessions called, “Ask the N.P.” are known to help women of color gain information about their hair that is not mainstream but beneficial. Last but not least, our custom consultations help women understand the science of their body and hair and how these things affect their overall health, specifically their hair health.


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