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Bundle: New Beginnings

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Need a new start? Here it is! New beginnings will set your journey on the right path.

If you are suffering from product build-up, dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema, or various scalp disorders, this is the set for you.

Includes Nice/Thing, Loving You, Touch of love and Heaven Scent

  • Nice/Thing Hair Detox (only 8oz)

Nice/Thing is a hair detox that is different from the rest. It’s the ability to remove build-up, toxins, and pH balance your scalp is what helps with the production of healthier hair strands. But what sets it apart is our ability to also infuse nutrients, vitamins, and multiple hydrating agents into the scalp and each hair strand to help increase your elasticity and hair strength.

  • Loving You

Break your Addiction with SUDS! There is nothing like Loving You! Loving You is our pH balancing sulfate-free shampoo that enhances your curl pattern while cleansing your hair with the use of black soap, Sea kelp, and Rhassoul clay to remove dirt, excess oil, and build-up without disturbing your scalp’s natural pH balance. Hibiscus and Marshmallow root give this no-sud shampoo its custom color and aroma and are helpful in aiding in hair growth, shine, and health. Loving you has moisturizing components as well that are beneficial for wavy and curly hair, as it gently detangles and preserves your natural texture throughout the cleansing process.

  • Touch of Love

You will definitely have a Touch of LOVE using this curl-enhancing conditioner. Touch of LOVE is a super moisturizing conditioner that supplies your hair with moisture, shine, and strength from the inside out. Touch of LOVE mixes the healing properties of Aloe vera gel with the moisturizing and restoring powers of sea kelp to help ensure consistent curl formation and highlight texture and form of curl. Touch of LOVE melts away tangles well, to help ease detangling. This treatment is a must-have for thick curls and kinks seeking to build long-lasting moisture retention and curl definition. Give your thirsty hair what it really wants, a Touch of LOVE!

  • Heaven Scent (only 2 oz)

Heaven Scent is an oil mixture offered in a light or heavy version for various hair textures. Heaven Scent helps soothe and condition hair follicles so you’ll never experience a dry scalp again. Formulated with multiple essential oils, your hair will be more manageable, luminous, and moisturized. Rosemary and tea tree oil not only smell amazing, but they also stimulate the hair follicles for thicker longer hair and a healthy scalp.

(16 oz package comes with a 16oz Loving you and Touch of love Only).