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No. 2: Touch of Love

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You will definitely have a Touch of LOVE using this curl-enhancing conditioner. Touch of LOVE is a super moisturizing conditioner that supplies your hair with moisture, shine, and strength from the inside out. Touch of LOVE mixes the healing properties of Aloe vera gel with the moisturizing and restoring powers of sea kelp to help ensure consistent curl formation and highlight texture and form of curl. Touch of LOVE melts away tangles well, to help ease detangling. This treatment is a must-have for thick curls and kinks seeking to build long-lasting moisture retention and curl definition. Give your thirsty hair what it really wants, a Touch of LOVE!

What It Is

A moisturizing deep conditioner.

Who It’s For

Dry, damaged, or curly hair.

What’s In It

The key ingredients in this product are very potent. Slippery Elm helps with controlling certain skin ailments such as Psoriasis and aids in detangling the hair. Peppermint oil helps with decreasing bacteria and aids in the stimulation of hair growth.

What It Smells Like

The light floral/ citrusy fragrance is invigorating

How To Use It

After washing hair with Loving You, rinse hair thoroughly, then apply Touch of LOVE in small sections. Detangle while hair is well saturated with product. Place hair in plastic cap and sit under a heat source for 15-20mins. Rinse product from hair and style as usual.

Hot Tip

Deep conditioning is for the hair and not the scalp. Concentrate product on the hair. Deep conditioners are considered deep because they contain some type of protein. For that reason, heat needs to be used in order for that protein to deposit in the follicle.