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XXIVK is a styling creme for natural hair that is used for multiple purposes including edge control, braiding, twisting, and defining natural curl pattern. It does all of this while supplying your hair with a level of moisture and shine that can be maintained for days. Start with a small amount and build up as needed.

With XXIVK, you can have it all! This styling creme will moisturize, define, and shines dry, curly hair! This unique curl cream gets its rich moisture from Castor oil, which delivers deep moisture to dry hair. It also creates a smooth, glossy finish that lasts for days. Give your hair its life back with XXIVK!

What It Is

A rich styling creme that delivers moisture, shine and definition, all in one package.

Who It’s For

Thick, dry hair that soaks up heavier creams and craves moisture and definition.

What’s In It

Castor oil add omega -6 and -9 as well as vitamin E into this styling creme to increase the health of your curls

What It Smells Like

Light and fluffy clouds dancing on your curls!

How To Use It

Apply in sections on wet/dry hair to create twists & braids or work through wet hair for great wash-n-go’s. XXIVK can be added after styling for added shine.

Hot Tip

Try using XXIVK with Control to add a medium hold to styling for style longevity. XXIVK can also be used as an edge controller on your baby hairs.

Remember a little goes a long way with all of The Love of People products.