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No.4: Heaven Scent

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Heaven Scent is an oil mixture offered in a light or heavy version for various hair textures. Heaven Scent helps soothe and condition hair follicles so you’ll never experience a dry scalp again. Formulated with multiple essential oils, your hair will be more manageable, luminous, and moisturized. Rosemary and tea tree oil not only smell amazing, but they also stimulate the hair follicles for thicker longer hair and a healthy scalp.

What It Is

An oil used for hair growth.

Who It’s For

Anyone who needs to regrow or thicken hair.

What’s In It

Pumpkin seed oil and 3 other natural DHT blockers are our active ingredients that help Heaven Scent do exactly what it is supposed to do- GROW your hair.

What It Smells Like

The light fragrance of rosemary and peppermint invigorate your follicles for growth.

How To Use It

As a Hot Oil Treatment: Place the bottle of oil in hot water and let warm. Test on the wrist and then apply oil to scalp, roots, and length of hair. Let Heaven Scent sit for 10-15 mins before shampooing or co-washing.

After shampooing: Apply to small segments of hair before styling to help with moisture, shine, and reduce frizz.

Daily use: Apply to hair for shine or to dry and/or flaky areas on the scalp.

Hot Tip

Apply a small amount of Heaven Scent onto the tips of the hair when blow-drying to keep ends smooth.

Because this product is offered in light and heavy it is perfect for multiple hair types. Lighter oil is perfect for thinner hair or when applying before a silk press or blowouts. Heavier oil is great for thicker hair textures and for curly hair styling.