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No.7: Control

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Control is an all-natural curl definer that moisturizes, adds shine, supplies a medium hold, reduces bulk and frizz, defines curls, and elongates tresses. Control is great for all hair types because it is infused with botanical extracts and fortified with Vitamin E and Panthenol; this alcohol-free formula won’t cause dryness. Control can be used alone or with our other styling agent, XXIVK for styling twists, braids, defining a wash and go, to place hair in a sleek style, or for just being creative! It can be combined with Bounce back and Heaven scent to add more shine and refresh your style.

What It Is

An all-natural moisturizing flax seed styling gel with hold. Clear, brown, slippery consistency

Who It’s For

Those with medium to thick hair with just about any degree of curl who want definition and frizz control.

What’s In It

The ingredient that is center stage for this product is our organic Flaxseeds. They are teamed up with Jojoba oil to help hydrate and moisturize each curl.

What It Smells Like

Light nutty flavoring is what you get when you use this product and you won’t be disappointed.

How To Use It

Work through wet hair after all other styling products have been applied. Use more for extra control and less for softer styles. Style as usual.

Hot Tip

When we say a lot goes a long way, Control is why. Based on how much you add to your curls will dictate how hard of a hold that you will have.

If your present gel is giving you the blues due to an itchy scalp, try Control. Scratching will be reduced dramatically.