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Bundle: Love Potion #9 with Diffuser

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Do it right and buy them together. Love Potion #9 was meant to go where ever you go. With our all Glass and Stainless steel diffuser, you don’t have to worry about when you can begin your hair health journey.

*Will receive only one glass bottle with order.


Love Potion #9 is a mix of 20 + various dried herbs and flowers that are known to help increase blood flow to your scalp, promote stronger hair growth, and increase shine and thickness of hair.

What It Is

A herbal loose tea mix

Who It’s For

This mixture is for anyone that needs some eternal help in their hair regiment.

What’s In It

The key ingredients in this product are very potent! I repeat, the key ingredients in this product are very potent! If you are not ready for hair growth, do not use this product. This product contains over 15 conservatively dried flowers and herbs such as Ginger root, Hibiscus, and Green tea that aid in the taste, color, and the stimulation of new rapid hair growth.

What It Smells Like

This product has a flowery/citrusy taste and smell.

How To Use It

This tea can be used in two ways: You can drink it daily in our TLP Tea diffuser bottle or apply it directly to the hair and scalp as a leave-in rinse.

Hot Tip

On Hair: Steep Love Potion #9 and add it to a spray bottle and mist over hair daily. Can even be added to Bounce Back for daily hair growth.

Ingested: Steep tea and let cool if not in favor of hot tea. Enjoy over ice.