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Get to know the inner workings of your hair. Learn about your curl pattern, porosity, density, healthy curly hair products, hair fall causes, and the best styling products for you! The shape and size of the hair follicle, the thickness and length of hair strands, and even its relationship to moisture influence the behavior of your curls.

Learn what your hair needs!

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What is your current hair routine?
Which of the following best describes the majority of your hair?
How long does it take for your hair to air dry when open to the air (like in a wash-n-go)?
How do moisturizers (conditioners and oils) affect your hair?
After you've washed your hair, how does it feel?
Is your hair colour-treated?
Make a middle part in your hair. How much of your scalp can you see when two sides aren't forced apart?
Is hair loss a concern for you?
Approximately how much hair do you lose in a day?
Your main hair goals are:
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