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Paula Bland - Hair Consultant

Why choose TLP?


Paula Bland

Paula Bland, the founder of TLP, is a board-certified family Nurse Practitioner, Hair aesthetician, and psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from New Orleans, known for her highly effective hair consultation. She's a visionary championing natural curls and empowering people of color to carry them off with pride. Paula's expertise lies in her holistic approach to hair care, substantiated by years of experience as a nurse practitioner, her knowledge of homeopathy, her understanding of natural ingredients, and the best healthy hair products she has incorporated in her TLP products.


As a medical professional, Paula performs a comprehensive scalp analysis, creates a personalized hair care regimen based on the prognosis, and even performs minor medical hair treatments should the need arise. So, if you're dealing with severe hair loss, scalp conditions, unruly curls, or seeking healthy hair products, then Paula is the whiz you're looking for!

Natural Hair Consultation Online

Are you noticing more hair on your brush than usual? Is your part getting wider by the day? It's time to listen to Your Hair's Secret Messages! Something's Up Inside, and this is the right time to get a  Hair Loss Consultation with Paula Bland.

The Love of People has your back with all-natural and organic products specially crafted for curly and coily hair. We are here to transform Your Hair with Paula Bland's expert hair consultation! Discover a Complete Hair Care Regime to Tackle Severe Hair Issues.


We at the Love of People believe that your hair is not just an appendage but your crowning glory. How you carry your hair, how it looks, and how it makes you feel is a part of your everyday life story. So when hair problems strike, we know the toll it can take on you! It's not just your hair you lose but also your peace of mind! That's why we've created natural hair products for naturally curly hair and offer personalized consultation for hair to help you regain your confidence and the health of your hair. Let our hair care expert, Paula Bland, take you to the root of the problem and prescribe the perfect treatment and suitable organic products for your hair type.

Revive Your Hair's Brilliance! Book Your  Consultation for hair loss Today!

Natural Hair Consultation

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I got my hair treatment done, and I am very satisfied with the results with one consult, Paula is a very competent hair loss specialist, thank you in advance.

- Destiny



Paula is so knowledgeable about Hair Loss, its causes, and treatments. I feel my curls stronger now, confident and happy. Thanks, TLP.

- Maura



Tremendous progress and improvement in my scalp hair growth, all my hair grew back in the first few months using the TLP hair-loss range.

- Alexandra



Paula's expert consultation transformed my thinning hair and I'm regaining my confidence with every new strand.

- Chloe



With Paula's recommended products and guidance, my hair has not only grown significantly but also gained back its natural volume and bounce.

- Nia

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