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Benefits of Hair Styling Foam and 5 Reasons to Pick It

Updated: Oct 12, 2023



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A hair foam is the last thing on our minds when it comes to styling products. Often overlooked, it can be quite the underdog of all styling products. So, what makes a hair wrapping foam so unique?

The answer is simple. Packed with multiple styling benefits, styling foams are a one-stop shop for all your hair styling needs. A favorite of top hair stylists around the world, it is unanimously agreed that a good foam will provide hold, style memory, lift, and bounce. So next time you come across a good foam wrap for hair, be confident about picking it up! If you're looking for an effortless hair routine that packs a punch, Foam is your new best friend! Versatile and easy to use, it is the ultimate hair product everyone needs in their collection. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of hair styling foam and give you 5 reasons to pick it as your go-to styling product.

What is Hair Foam?

Hair foam, also known as mousse, is a styling product that adds volume, texture, and hold to hair. It typically comes in an aerosol or pump bottle and contains a foam that is lightweight and easy to distribute evenly through the hair. A foam has a lighter consistency than hair gels and is bouncier than hair creams. Foam has gentle copolymers that give your hair a natural finish with a light hold. The usual method is to apply foaming hair products from roots to ends, comb them through your hair, and blow-dry them. You can find various options for foam for hair that suit every curl type and budget, but recommend you choose a natural product. Regardless of the style you choose, it will typically last longer and look better when you use hair foam.

The benefits of using Hair Foam

1). Adds Volume and Definition

Aren't we all fans of adding volume and definition to our hair so that we can achieve a variety of styles? A Hairstyling foam is a great product to add volume and definition to your hair. Its foamy texture makes it easy to distribute evenly throughout your hair, allowing you to create a fuller, bouncier look. Hair foams are perfect for fine or thin hair, as they can create the illusion of thicker hair by lifting and separating each strand.

2). Provides Hold Without the Crunch

One of the main benefits of using foam wrap for hair is that it provides hold without leaving your hair feeling crunchy or stiff. Unlike some hair gels or sprays that can make your hair feel stiff and unnatural, hair styling foam creates a soft, natural hold that allows your hair to move freely. This makes it a great product for those who want a flexible hold that lasts all day.

3). Moisturizes and Nourishes Your Hair

Hair styling foam can also provide moisture and nourishment to your hair. Many hair styling foams contain ingredients that can penetrate deep into your hair shaft and scalp, improving hair health and density while styling. By using a hair styling foam with nourishing ingredients, you can style your hair while providing the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Pro-Tip: Pick a natural hair wrapping foam for curly hair that is free from surfactants and other toxic chemicals.


4). Easy to Use

Another reason a foam will become a quick favorite is that Hair styling foams are easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry hair. So how to use foam for curly hair? You only need to dispense a small amount of hair foam into your hands and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. It is lightweight and doesn't leave residue, so it is easy to layer with other hair styling products if needed. Hair foam is also easy to manipulate, making it an excellent product for those who like to play around with their hairstyles.

5). Versatile Styling Options

A hair foam is a versatile product that can be used to create a variety of hairstyles. From smooth wraps to wet sets, textured styles, and molds, hair styling Foam can help you achieve your desired look. Hair foams are also great for all curl types, making them a versatile styling option for those with different hair textures.

Do hair foaming styling products For All Hair Types?

A Hair foam is a versatile product suitable for all hair types, and it's easy to use without the risk of making your hair crunchy or limp. Foam has a light and airy texture, so you can apply it generously without worrying about it weighing down your hair. It works well for all curl types, including fine hair that needs volume. However, if your hair is very dry, you may not use foam as frequently. Understanding your hair's moisture needs will help you decide if hair wrapping foam is the right styling product for you.

The New hair styling foam by TLP - It's a Wrap


TLP brings you the ultimate style revolution with our incredible "Natural" foamy formula! This all-in-one hairstyling product styles your hair while providing essential nutrients for growth! This foam wrap for hair contains ultra-moisturizing conditioning honey, Rhodiola herb for improved strength and decreased frizz, and broccoli oil for added fatty acids and essential vitamins. This lightweight, non-sticky hair wrapping foam is perfect for creating smooth wraps, wet sets, textured styles, and molds without frizz or flaking. The best part is that it suits all curl types and is especially beneficial for weak, color-treated, or damaged hair. People with both high or low-porosity hair can seamlessly use it for styling. It can be used alone if you have thinner or looser curls, or layer it with other styling products like XXIVK or Control if you have tighter curls.

Why choose IT’S A WRAP over other leading brands:

The biggest distinguishing factor that sets " It's a Wrap" apart from the hair foams of other leading hair care brands is that our styling foam promotes hair growth.

Secondly, unlike other top brands, our Foam does not contain harsh surfactants that can cause dryness to the scalp.

Last but not least, a top hair care brand has a popular foam that, unfortunately, contains EDTA and ISOBUTANE.

EDTA is a substance that enhances penetration by disrupting the surface of skin cells, making it easier for other chemicals to enter. This means other chemicals in your product or shower water can penetrate the skin more easily.

Isobutane can cause allergies and skin, eye, and lung irritation. This is not good news for a product applied directly to your hair. Additionally, these ingredients may be contaminated with the carcinogen butadiene, which is a cause for concern.

The Takeaway

Don't be afraid to use hairstyling foams, as they are incredibly versatile and can help you create texture, definition, and a long-lasting hairstyle. Hair wrapping foam can act as several styling products into one, making it beneficial for most hair types.

Needless to say, a hair styling foam can be a great addition to your hair care routine. It provides volume and definition, a flexible hold, moisturizes and nourishes your hair, is easy to use, and offers versatile styling options. If you're looking for a natural hair foam that can do it all, our hair styling Foam It's a Wrap is worth giving a shot at!

About The Author: Paula Bland


The founder of TLP, Paula Bland, is a medically qualified Nurse Practitioner, Hair aesthetician and also a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner known for her highly effective hair consultation. Paula has a non-traditional approach to hair care and advocates a chemical-free, natural, and holistic approach. The Love of People is her brainchild, and its products reflect her approach to hair health and have helped women with naturally curly hair manage their curls in a chemical-free and organic way.


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