What suits others may not be the right product for me!

Sometimes, in haste we end up making wrong decisions and have to pay a great price for that in terms of our hair losing the charm. It takes time to get back to the same quality. In this world where several me-too products are running and claiming to be the best, it is a difficult decision to choose the one that can suit your hair type.

Fixing an appointment with your hair consultant helps you know what exactly is the status of your hair health and how can you obtain your crowning glory. Not going on hearsay is a smart thing in the case of your hair at least.

There are some important factors to keep in mind. Your hair consultant will guide you through them. They involve knowing what’s your hair type. Porosity of hair is very important to understand. Finding out or trying various styles that can go with your personality. The climate you live in plays a significant role in seeing how effectively the product can work on your hair. The right way of using the product is also essential. The diet plays a great role to support or reject the product. The product works depending on the texture of hair which in turn comes from the nurturing from inside.

Irrespective of the type or health of hair we need the basics which include cleansing shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and hair oil.

Styling products are secondary and should only be opted for only when you love to try styling for various occasions. It is all about personal choice.

Many of us have to try various products before we finally understand the best product for the type of hair we have or knowing what kind of styling suits us. It is important not to go by trial-and-error method as it is about hair. Taking the right decision is not like waving a magical wand. Even after understanding things well, it takes time to show results after you start using the product.

Sulphate is an element not considered good for curly hair as it strips the hair of its natural oils and the damage is difficult to repair. Also, if it is about curly hair you may not need so much oil as you would when the hair is straight. Finger combing the curls is best.

Ever wondered why our hair health is best in our growing up years and how the quality starts deteriorating as we get busy going through our lives. The obvious answer to that is a stress-free life we lead as children. Our hair got cared for with basic cleansing shampoo and oil, and although the diet also played a definite role but what mattered the most was the best functioning of all our hormones during those years. As we grow up things generally deteriorate if we do not take a thoughtful decision to take care of ourselves. Regular health checkups should also include hormonal balance tests as sometimes that is the biggest reason for all our hair problems. Nourishing products ensure your hair gets all the enrichments which are eroded in due course of time. This is in addition to the balanced diet.

Healthy hair products can be different for different people. We all need to keep our hair healthy first and then see if styling products are recommended by hair consultants only. One should also consider value for money. Most of the products come expensive and if they don’t work they can cost us our hair quality not just money.

Natural hairstyles are best as there is a purpose that style is genetically set for your type of face. Long layered , ombre curls, big curls with bangs, bouncy curls, messy curls, elegant low updo and are some of the hairstyles for naturally curly hair. We have natural products available to help with each style.

Short natural hair also needs some maintenance else they may lack the luster when taken for granted. Voluminous curly pixie cut offers a cool look and so does tight ringlet afro. Short vintage curls, updo. Hair stylist can suggest many styles and once you identify the right product you are ready to flaunt the hairstyle.

Before you start having any hair related problem it makes sense to go to a hair consultant and get the valuable advice to maintain the goodness which is naturally there. As they say prevention is better than cure.

So, no matter how attractive an advertisement looks of a hair styling brand or how much your sister or friend benefitted with a given product. Use your own judgement and that of an expert after doing proper analysis of your hair needs.

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