How do you Self Care?

Updated: Mar 15

The week has finally come to an end and I can see my new “to-do” list just upon the horizon but I need to recoup before I can even think about the next task to come. Normally, ignoring all the signs and continuing to work is the first option but I need to regain my energy. I need to feel rejuvenated before the new week begins, so what do I do? I cater to the one who needs it most, me. You know, that little trendy thing called “self-care”.

My favorite form of self-care is isolation. Yes, time to myself with no distractions from the outside world doing as little or as much as I would like to do. I am thankful for the Do Not Disturb option on my phone because it is my BEST FRIEND, I would be completely drained without it. While juggling a demanding career, entrepreneurial ventures and a personal life can be hectic and having time alone, be it 10 minutes or 24 hours, is important for me to pour the right energy into my work and the people I encounter regularly.

Next are daily routines that I have implemented into my life to ensure that I am at my best at all times. I truly believe, once you understand your worth you will be willing to do everything necessary to upkeep your preferred quality of life, like exercising, meditating, even skin and/or hair maintenance. Now, I am not consistent with my exercise or meditation routine but I never miss a beat with my skin and hair routines. They bring me unwavering peace plus it assists in my vanity.

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