What is Stress doing to my hair Health?

Updated: Mar 15

Many are well-aware of the profound impact high levels of stress can have on both mental and physical health, but what is less widely known is the damage that it can do to our hair and scalp.

It’s important to realize that as hair is non-essential tissue, it is one of the most sensitive barometers to physiological and psychological health, and therefore to stress.

Due the nature of the hair growth cycle, the effects of stress will not be noticeable on your hair until 6-12 weeks later, so people do not always connect the two events. However, stress can impact the scalp much faster. In all cases of hair and/or scalp issues, treatment should be holistic and involve using the right products and making relevant changes to diet and lifestyle – and this commonly and increasingly involves targeting stress.


Stress commonly triggers and/or worsens flaking and itching of the scalp – especially if you are already prone to dandruff. This is because stress can affect hormone levels, and this in turn may disrupt the micro-flora of the scalp. Flaking can cause hair loss, and scratching may result in further irritation and even abrade the surface of your scalp, so it’s important to tackle it ASAP


Use soothing anti-microbial products, like Loving You and Touch of Love, and Bounce Back should be apart of your weekly and/or daily regiment.

Set aside time each day to clear your mind : take a walk at lunch, listen to soothing music, start reading again, have a care free day a week (go to the park or ground self).

If you find yourself reaching for creamy, comfort foods, like cheese and cream, try substituting with a healthy alternative. Full fat dairy products, as well as white wine and champagne, can make dandruff worse.

Oily much?

Stress can cause increases androgen levels an over stimulate sebaceous glands which leads to increase sebaceous oil. This usually happens on the scalp, on your face, and possible in your armpits and private area as well.

For your scalp try Loving You pH balancing shampoo. You may have to increase the amount of wash days per week for a period of time until this issue is under control.


If you’re already going to the gym, take that as an opportunity to remove toxins and oily build up from your scalp by sweating and then cleansing the scalp.

Apply your shampoo to dry hair to loosen up debris and help pH balance your scalp.

How stress shows up as hair loss 1. Telogen effluvium.In telogen effluvium (TEL-o-jun uh-FLOO-vee-um), significant stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few months, affected hairs might fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair. 2. Trichotillomania.Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh) is an irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body. Hair pulling can be a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, tension, loneliness, boredom or frustration. 3. Alopecia areata.A variety of factors are thought to cause alopecia areata (al-o-PEE-she-uh ar-e-A-tuh), possibly including severe stress. With alopecia areata, the body's immune system attacks the hair follicles — causing hair loss. Any number of stressful situations can trigger hair loss, including pregnancy, chronic illness, injury, relationship issues, financial concerns, poor nutrition, surgery, medications such as antidepressants, and even jet lag. To counteract stress and protect your hair, try these Tips: Learn and practice relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga) regularly Get regular exercise, which helps manage stress and its effects Spend time with positive people — isolating yourself can make stress worse Seek professional help from a therapist Eat a healthy diet Supplement if needed with a customized nutritional supplement that is recommended by your Practitioner. Treat your hair with care when washing, drying, and styling it Massage your scalp 2-3 x/ week to increase circulation Aesthetics procedures such as PRP may be added on to increase results, scalp health, and health of hair produced.

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