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When your curly hair demands a healthy sleep, Follow these Naturally curly hair tips

Updated: May 14, 2023


Do you find hair strands all over your pillow when you wake up in the morning? Do you find them frizzy, dry, and flat? Are you clueless as to how to deal with this problem? Hey! Do not worry, my lovelies. I, too, have gone through this and have discovered a few ways. Keep reading, and you will know how to make your mornings beautiful, happy, and healthy. Here are some naturally curly hair tips that can help you to keep your hair smooth, shining, and tangle-free.


Hit the bed with nourished hair

Whenever I go to bed, I glide my fingers on my hair and feel if they need moisturizing. I do this, especially on wash days. On your wash days, you have to be careful to moisturize and seal your hair. It really works well with kinky or coily hair. Use the best leave-in conditioner or a moisturizing spray that helps to define your curls. Also, it is important to sleep with dry and not wet hair, as while sleeping they will take altogether a different shape. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, set them in your desired style and wait so that they dry out naturally. You can also use a gel cast to hold them in their natural form until they are completely dry. But after using cast you have to refrain your fingers from touching your hair as they will damage the curl and create frizz. After a sound sleep, when you get up in the morning, you can scrunch your hair upward to break the crunch of your hair and give them height. To avoid disturbing your hair, add a little oil or serum to your fingers.


Protect your hair with pineapple style

When you sleep, your curly hair tends to break, tangle, and get damaged easily with your own head. To avoid that, wear your hair in pineapple style. You might be wondering what has pineapple to do with my hair. So let me tell you, it's simply a way you protect your hair by making a high pony like a top knot with a silk scrunchie. This way, all your hair will be closer to your forehead and will not stretch when you toss your head and change sides while sleeping.


Change your Pillow covers to silk or satin

It was a surprise for me when I realized that my cotton pillow cover is ruining my hair. I have been using cotton pillow covers since my childhood. Thanks to the world of search engines for enhancing my knowledge. Silk and Satin are smooth fabrics. When we sleep on them, our hair glides on the covers, avoiding any friction. And Voila! No damaged hair.


Wear a buff, bonnet, or a silk scarf

If you do not want to use a silk pillow do not worry because you can also opt for three other options and that are buff, bonnet, or a silk scarf. These hair accessories hold your hair together, refraining from rubbing against the pillow under your head. When you use them, you will realize that your curls are in shape and do not get frizzy. I generally prefer using a silk scarf, as my hair is long, and gets easily wrapped in the scarf.


Secure your hair with braids

If you own long curls, you should definitely try braiding or twisting your curls. This naturally curly hair tip is given by my grandma, which I used to follow before I came to know about the advantages of silk pillows and scarves. The good thing about this is that it works for all types of hair.

Try Plopping if you have loose curls

So I mentioned here in the heading itself that plopping works better with those having loose curls. If your hair has a tighter curl pattern then you might not like it as it can cause more shrinkage. If plopping is a new term for you, then let me tell you that it is a natural way of keeping your curls in shape without using a blow-dry technique. In this method, you scrunch your hair to your head for a couple of minutes or till they dry. The more you scrunch your hair, the more bouncy and compact hair you get. The good thing about plopping is that your hair dries quickly and that too naturally without damaging your hair like a dryer does. You can read more about plopping here.


Can everyone try these naturally curly hair tips?

Generally yes, except the last one that is plopping, you curly girls can try all the above. Follow the trial and error method. Check what actually suits you. You can try either all of them or can pick a few which gives you better results.

I hope these naturally curly hair tips helped you understand how to preserve your gorgeous curls. Put a little extra effort before you go to sleep and wake up flaunting your bouncy and healthy curls, which proves how much you love yourself. Remember, dearies, the more you love yourselves, the more the world will adore you.


Hi! I am Paula Bland, the founder of TLP. I am a family nurse practitioner from New Orleans. I have specialized in hair loss, and I specifically created TLP products with all-natural ingredients to help manage natural curly hair. TLP is my initiative to encourage women to embrace, maintain, and bask in the beauty of their natural curls.

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