Got Thin Hair?

Updated: Mar 15

There are two different qualities of hair that help with the labeling process. There is how thick your strands are and how dense your follicles are. Thickness is often described using terms like fine or coarse while density is described using terms like thin or thick. So it is very possible to have hair that is fine and thin as well as fine and thick as you are describing two different qualities of your hair.

If genetics didn't grace you with thick dense hair, the bad news is that you’re born with a certain number of hair follicles and nothing can change that. So even the slightest bit of hair loss will show immediately on people who have thin hair. Stress, lack of protein and a lackluster diet, as well as hormones and certain medical conditions can contribute to a thin mane.

So, how can you take some of your power back and decrease this process for you?

Here are 8 habits that you need to include daily to improve the thinness of your hair.

1. Make Collagen Part of Breakfast

It's important for people with thin hair to always have protein for breakfast. Collagen powder in coffee or a protein shake is an easy way to get your day started in a healthy hair way.

2. Eat your Vitamins

A varied diet is very important, so incorporate B vitamins, zinc and selenium-rich foods such as whole grains, spinach, greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed (you need to take flaxseeds the right way, though, which is either freshly ground and immediately consumed or in the oil form which must always be refrigerated) and copper rich foods such as shellfish, veal, beef, and beans.

3. Spice up hair growth

Try adding more cinnamon or Cayenne to your diet (either as a tea or sprinkled on your food). They will improve circulation, helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.

4. Ditch Diet Drinks

Try to avoid empty nutrients like sugar and white carbs, and diet food/drinks that contain aspartame as it has been linked to hair loss. 5. Don't Overdo the Heat

Using excessive heat especially at the crown of your head has been linked to various forms of Alopecia. Use products such as Bounce Back to add longevity to your styles.

6. Color Your Hair (Strategically)

Thin hair is not the same as brittle hair. You can still have strong, healthy thin hair. Coloring thin hair can actually make it look thicker. If your colorist is really talented, the right way of coloring can give the illusion of thicker hair, but everything should be done in moderation.

7. Massage Your Scalp

Hair health can only be achieved with a healthy scalp. Creating an environment where blood is constantly circulating and bring nutrients to the scalp is ideal. 2-3 sessions weekly are ideal. The use of a hair growth oil on the pads of your fingers such as Heaven Scent can add much need nutrients and a topical DHT blocker to this step of your regiment.

8. Exfoliate

If you suffer from dandruff, have used products that build up, or in need of curl revitalization, you may need to start over. The use of a hair detox such as Nice/Thing would be ideal.

Reminders: When categorizing your hair properly remember the final tips

Thickness= Fine, Medium, Coarse

Density= Thin, Medium, Thick


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