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Unlock The Benefits: Why Is Mango Butter Suitable For Your Hair?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Mangoes, those ambrosial pieces of culinary delights from Asia, have transcended their culinary fame to become beauty's best-kept secret. Beyond gracing our cocktails, smoothies, and traditional dishes, the manifold benefits of mango butter have emerged as superstars in the world of skincare and haircare.

In our quest for stunning, healthy hair, we at TLP explore the natural wonders that can transform your locks. Among these treasures, mango butter for hair stands out. In this blog, we will delve into the world of mango butter, the benefits of mango butter for hair, and how it plays a pivotal role in TLP's beloved product, "Whip It."

Why is Mango Butter good for hair?

Mango butter is derived from the mango fruit's seeds, boasting a unique composition that makes it a hair care essential. It's packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that do wonders for your hair and scalp. Mango butter is a natural emollient, meaning it has the ability to soften and soothe your hair, leaving it irresistibly smooth and manageable.

What is Mango Butter, and How is it Made?

Mango Butter for Hair Growth: How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Mango butter results from a meticulous process of extracting the seeds from ripe mangoes. These seeds are then carefully cleaned, dried, and de-shelled to obtain the pure, ivory-colored butter. Refining involves crushing and boiling the seeds to release the precious oil. The oil is then processed further to create the final product, mango butter. This pure and unadulterated substance makes mango butter a valuable asset in hair care.

9 Amazing Benefits of Mango Butter for Hair

1. Moisturization

Mango butter is renowned for its ability to penetrate deeply into your hair shaft, locking in moisture. This helps combat dryness and leaves your hair soft and supple.

2. Hydration

Mango butter is a remarkable natural ingredient renowned for keeping hair well-hydrated. Since it is packed with essential nutrients like vitamins E and A, it moisturizes the hair while simultaneously strengthening the scalp. This unique combination of mango butter hair benefits is great for maintaining healthy and hydrated hair.

3. Antifungal and Antimicrobial

Mango butter is a multi-talented ingredient with antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Thanks to its tannin content, it possesses soothing qualities for both hair and scalp. These attributes make it an excellent choice for promoting hair and scalp health while addressing common issues like inflammation.

4. Defends against split ends

Mango butter proves to be a savior when it comes to preventing split ends. Its remarkable emollient properties, driven by a rich composition of monounsaturated and saturated fats (with lower polyunsaturated fats), enable it to penetrate the hair cuticle. This penetration fortifies each hair strand, significantly reducing the occurrence of split ends and breakage.

5. Hypoallergenic

Mango butter for hair benefits include its hypoallergenic properties, which makes it great for individuals with nut allergies, including those who may react to nut-based butters. This natural alternative offers a safe option, allowing those with sensitivities to enjoy its benefits without any concerns about allergic reactions.

6. Natural Shine

Mango butter benefits dull and lackluster hair. It renders a natural shine to your locks, making them appear healthier and more vibrant.

7. Protection from Environmental Damage

The antioxidants in mango butter act as a protective shield for your hair. They help defend against environmental factors like pollution and UV radiation, keeping your hair safe from harm.

8. Improved Scalp Health

Mango butter is rich in vitamins that contribute to scalp health, particularly vitamin C. This powerhouse nutrient serves a dual purpose by helping to combat free radicals that can prematurely age the skin, hair, and scalp while also playing a vital role in collagen production, which maintains the health of our skin and hair. Mango butter can help soothe irritation, reduce itchiness, and promote a healthier scalp environment.

9. Choosing mango butter for hair Types

When incorporating mango butter hair products into your hair care routine, several factors merit consideration. Firstly, assessing your hair density is essential. Thin or easily weighed-down hair may benefit from mango butter-based deep conditioners, whereas for those with damaged or persistently dry hair, mango butter's moisture-sealing properties make it a valuable ally.

Mango butter can penetrate the hair cuticle rather than merely coating it, which makes it advantageous for all hair types. However, if you possess low-porosity hair, the application method matters. To maximize its benefits, applying mango butter-infused products when your hair is thoroughly wet is advisable.

Mango butter's antioxidant-rich composition may contribute to color preservation and even offer protection against heat damage for those with color-treated hair. Consider these factors to make the most of mango butter hair benefits in your routine, regardless of your hair type or needs.

Meet TLP's "Whip It"

Now that you understand the mango butter benefits for hair, let's introduce you to TLP's star product, "Whip It." This organic styling cream has a light and fluffy texture as it blends natural butters and oils, including the goodness of shea butter and, of course, mango butter.

"Whip It" is designed to provide your curls with mango butter hair benefits shine, definition, and lasting moisture without any harmful chemicals.

When mango butter joins forces with shea butter, as in "Whip It," the benefits are multiplied; this dynamic duo moisturizes and nourishes your hair and fortifies it against damage. Thanks to this powerful combination, your hair is left looking and feeling its best.

How to Use "Whip It" for Optimal benefits of mango butter

Now that you're excited to try "Whip It," let's talk about how to incorporate it into your hair care routine:

  1. Cleanse Your Hair: Start with clean, damp hair. Use a sulfate-free pH-balancing shampoo and a chemical-free conditioner to prepare your hair for styling.

  2. Apply "Whip It": Take a small amount of "Whip It" and distribute it evenly through your hair. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends, where your hair needs moisture and definition.

  3. Style as Desired: Whether you prefer to air-dry or use a diffuser, "Whip It" is versatile and suitable for various styling methods. It helps define your curls while maintaining their natural bounce and elongating curls.

  4. Enjoy the Results: Once your hair is dry, revel in the beauty of your revitalized curls. You'll notice enhanced shine, reduced frizz, and long-lasting moisture.

Here are a few common questions that people are looking for

How do you use mango butter for better hair growth?

To promote better hair growth with mango butter, simply apply a small amount to your hair and scalp, focusing on the tips and roots. Leave it in or rinse it out as desired.

Shea butter or mango butter, which is good for hair?

Both shea butter and mango butter are beneficial for hair, but the choice depends on your preferences and hair needs. Shea butter offers intense moisture, while mango butter is lighter and packed with antioxidants. A combination of both can be great for your hair too.

Can I mix both mango and shea butter for hair growth?

Yes, mixing mango and shea butter can be a great option for hair growth. It combines the moisturizing benefits of shea with the antioxidants in mango butter for a potent hair treatment.

Can mango butter moisturize hair?

Mango butter is excellent for moisturizing hair due to its rich essential fatty acids. It helps lock in moisture, leaving your hair soft, shiny and well-conditioned.

How often should you use mango butter for hair?

You can use mango butter for hair as often as you like, as it's safe for daily use. Adjust the frequency based on your hair's specific needs and how it responds to the treatment.

Is mango butter good for low-porosity hair?

Mango butter can work well for low-porosity hair because of its lightweight nature and moisturizing properties, which can penetrate the hair shaft effectively.

Is mango butter good for dry, frizzy hair?

Mango butter is ideal for dry, frizzy hair. Its moisturizing properties help tame frizz, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

Does mango butter thicken hair?

While mango butter doesn't directly thicken hair, its moisturizing and nourishing qualities can improve hair health and prevent breakage, which can give the appearance of thicker hair.

Is mango butter suitable for all hair types?

Mango butter is generally suitable for all hair types, but it's essential to consider your specific hair needs and preferences when incorporating it into your hair care routine.


Mango butter is a true hair care gem. Its deep moisturization, natural shine-enhancing qualities, and protection against environmental damage make it an invaluable ingredient for naturally curly hair. The mango butter for hair benefits gives you revitalized, luscious locks that shine with natural radiance. It's time to embrace the beauty of mango butter and transform your hair into its best self. Trust TLP for the care your curls deserve.

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About The Author: Paula Bland

Paula Bland - Natural Hair consultant

The founder of TLP, Paula Bland, is a medically qualified Nurse Practitioner, Hair aesthetician, and psychiatric Nurse Practitioner known for her highly effective hair consultation. Paula has a non-traditional approach to hair care and advocates a chemical-free, natural, and holistic approach. The Love of People is her brainchild, and its products reflect her approach to hair health and have helped women with naturally curly hair manage their curls in a chemical-free and organic way.



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